Tag Connect TC2030-ICESPI-NL Non-Locking Cable

Tag-Connect, LLC
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The TC2030-ICESPI-NL cable is a special cable for use with Atmel-ICE AVR that has a 6-pin TC2030 No-legs Tag-Connector at one end and a 10-pin 0.05″ (1.27mm) pitch female IDC ribbon connector at the other. The 10-pin IDC can be plugged directly into Atmel-ICE providing 6-pin SPI, TPI, PDI, aWire and debugWIRE connections similar to the (now obsolete) Atmel AVR JTAGICE MkII.

Atmel ICE comes supplied with a ribbon cable fitted with two 10-pin IDC connectors and a 6-pin single-in-line SIP connector – The 10-pin connector at the Atmel ICE end is reversed but the other is not, correcting the pin-numbering at the target PCB. The LEMTA cables similarly have a reversed connector