Collection: MikroE Click Board™ Catalogue

Add Versatility and Expandability with MikroElektronika Click Boards™

MikroElektronika Click BoardsTM are compact, production-ready add-on boards that provide versatile functionality for rapid prototyping and development.

Daughter Board Design for Seamless Integration

Click Boards™ feature a standardized daughterboard design plugs directly into MikroElektronika development boards via the mikroBUSTM socket. This allows for quick set-up and easy expansion without wiring or soldering. Plug in a Click Board™ and start developing.

Over 1,500 Options for Limitless Possibilities

With over 1000 Click Boards™ available, the options are virtually limitless. Choose from boards featuring wireless connectivity, sensors, displays, motor drivers, etc. Mix and match Click Boards™ to create customized solutions for your needs.

Complete Support for Rapid Development

All Click Boards™ come with full software support in MikroElektronika compilers and mikroSDK. Example code and libraries simplify software development so you can focus on programming the essential functions.