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Wirepas Click Board™

Wirepas Click Board™

Adds Ultra-Low-Power Wirepas Mesh Connectivity
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Key Features

  • Wirepas module, Wirepas routing mesh protocol optimized for ultra-low energy consumption, high scalability is ideal for large IoT networks, low-energy and low-latency modus, remote nodes’ configuration, printed or external antenna, and more
  • Based on the WIRL-PRO2 Thetis-I radio module with Wirepas Mesh Protocol from Würth Elektronik
  • Can be used for developing long-life battery drive IoT networks, supply chains, asset tracking, smart lighting, smart metering, and more

Introducing the Wirepas Click Board™: Revolutionize Your Connectivity

Unlock the power of seamless wireless connectivity with the Wirepas Click Board™. This compact add-on board transforms your applications and takes your projects to the next level.

Key Features:

  • WIRL-PRO2 Thetis-I Radio Module: The heart of the Wirepas Click Board™ is the advanced WIRL-PRO2 Thetis-I radio module from Würth Elektronik. Say goodbye to connectivity woes as it seamlessly integrates the Wirepas Mesh Protocol.

  • Ultra-Low Energy Consumption: Designed for efficiency, our Click Board™ is optimized for ultra-low energy consumption. It ensures that your devices stay connected without draining precious battery life.

  • Scalability: Whether you're building a small network or an extensive IoT infrastructure, the Wirepas Click Board™ has you covered. Its scalability is unmatched, making it ideal for projects of any size.

Unleash the Possibilities:

Imagine the endless opportunities at your fingertips with the Wirepas Click Board™:

  • IoT Networks: Develop long-lasting battery-driven IoT networks with ease.

  • Supply Chains: Enhance supply chain management with real-time tracking and data analytics.

  • Asset Tracking: Keep tabs on your valuable assets, ensuring they're always where they should be.

  • Smart Lighting: Create intelligent lighting solutions that adapt to your needs, saving energy and money.

  • Smart Metering: Streamline energy consumption monitoring with accurate and reliable data.

Simplify Your Development:

We understand that time is of the essence. That's why the Wirepas Click Board™ is supported by a mikroSDK-compliant library, making software development a breeze. Say goodbye to complicated coding and hello to efficient, hassle-free development.

Ready to Roll:

Don't waste a moment. The Wirepas Click Board™ arrives thoroughly tested and ready to be integrated into your system. Just plug it into a mikroBUS™ socket, and you're good to go.

Elevate Your Projects:

The Wirepas Click Board™ is not just a product; it's a game-changer. Say hello to seamless connectivity, unmatched scalability, and simplified development. Elevate your projects and bring your ideas to life.

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