Collection: SiBRAIN™ MCU Board Catalogue

The SiBRAIN™ standard for MCU boards provides a universal layout for MCU devices.  It follows the adoption of the Click Board™ as a universal board standard for interfaces devices, based on mikroBus.

The SiBRAIN board is 60mm x 60mm in size and fitted with two - 168-pin connectors capable of operating at high speed. MikroElektronika (MikroE) is planning to release over 1,000 different SiBRAIN boards covering MCU families such as Microchip PIC, PIC24, PIC32, AVR and many ARM Cortex-based MCUs from a variety of semiconductor families.

Development Boards

Mikroe has released a range of development boards, each fitted with a standard SiBRAIN MCU socket in addition to mikroBus sockets, for Click Boards.  More than 1,000 Click Boards are available from The Debug Store already and the number is growing each week.