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RTC Click Board

RTC Click Board

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The RTC Click Board™ is an accessory board designed to add time measuring functionality to the device. This Click Board™ has a PCF8583 serial real-time clock/calendar. The PCF8583 IC is a full binary-coded decimal (BCD) clock and calendar chip with 24- or 12-hour clock format with a four-year calendar, based on a 2048-bit static CMOS RAM. For communication with the target board microcontroller, the RTC Click Board™ uses the I2C interface. The board comes with an integrated 3V/230mA lithium battery that serves as a backup power supply. Even when the main power supply goes OFF, this backup power supply enables the device to function continuously. It is designed to use a 3.3V power supply but can be used with 5V systems by soldering the PWR SEL SMD jumper to the 5V position.

The RTC Click Board™ is an ideal choice for applications that require real-time clocks, calendars and programmed alarms.

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