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2x2 RGB Click Board

2x2 RGB Click Board

Using 4 Smart LEDS
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Key Features

  • The driver can drive up to 12 LEDs (4RGB LEDs), multiplexed LED current driver outputs, 14 million colors, 12 independent exponential fade engines, a flexible pattern generator with watchdog, and more
  • Based on the KTD2052A - 12-channel RGB LED driver from Kinetic Technologies
  • Can be used for the development of AI smart speakers, Bluetooth/Wi-Fi loudspeakers, automotive indicators and ambiance lighting, IoT, gaming, consumer electronics, and more

Introducing the 2x2 RGB Click Board™

Revolutionize your projects with the 2x2 RGB Click Board™, a game-changing add-on board designed for electronic engineers like you! 🌟

Unleash the Power of RGB

Experience the future of lighting control with the 2x2 RGB Click Board™. This compact wonder boasts a matrix of four "intelligent" RGB elements, creating a stunning 2x2 display screen.

Cutting-Edge RGB LED Driver

At its core, the Click Board™ features the KTD2052A, a 12-channel RGB LED driver from Kinetic Technologies. What does this mean for you? Fully programmable current regulation for up to four RGB LEDs – that's 12 LEDs to bring your designs to life!

Brighter, Smarter, Better

Exceptional LED Quality

Our LED matrix includes four LRTB GFTG, a 6-lead in-line MULTILEDs, from ams OSRAM. With a wide 120-degree viewing angle, your creations will shine brighter and more brilliantly than ever.

Endless Possibilities

The 2x2 RGB Click Board™ is your gateway to innovation. Use it to easily develop AI smart speakers, Bluetooth/Wi-Fi loudspeakers, automotive indicators, ambient lighting, IoT devices, gaming peripherals, and consumer electronics.

Seamless Integration

mikroBUS™ Compatibility

The 2x2 RGB Click Board™ effortlessly fits into your existing projects. It's fully compatible with the mikroBUS™ socket, ensuring smooth integration into any host system that supports the mikroBUS™ standard.

mikroSDK Libraries

Take your creativity to the next level with the included mikroSDK open-source libraries. They provide unmatched flexibility for evaluation and customization, giving you complete control over your projects.

Discover the ClickID Advantage

What truly sets the 2x2 RGB Click Board™ apart is the revolutionary ClickID feature. Say goodbye to compatibility issues! This innovative technology lets your host system automatically detect and identify the add-on board, making setup a breeze.

Don't miss the opportunity to transform your projects with the 2x2 RGB Click Board™. Elevate your designs, simplify integration, and unlock a world of possibilities.

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