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EEPROM 11 Click Board

EEPROM 11 Click Board

512 KB EEPROM Using the S-34C04AB from ABLIC
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Key Features

  • EEPROM for DIMM serial presence detect, can write 16 bytes per page, long endurance and data retention, JEDEC standard-compliant, low-current operation, write protection, noise suppression, and more
  • Based on the S-34C04AB - EEPROM memory for DIMM serial presence detection from ABLIC
  • Can be used for the development of consumer electronics, office equipment, communication devices, medical equipment, automobile equipment, and more.

Introducing the EEPROM 11 Click Board™: Unlocking Memory Innovation

If you're in the world of electronic design and looking for a game-changer, your search ends here. The EEPROM 11 Click Board™ is not just another memory solution; it's a revolution waiting to happen.

Unveiling the Power of S-34C04AB EEPROM

The S-34C04AB EEPROM, engineered by the industry-leading ABLIC, is at the heart of this compact add-on board. Here's why it's a game-changer:

Unmatched Reliability

The EEPROM 11 Click Board™ boasts unparalleled reliability, ensuring your precious data is always secure. Say goodbye to data loss nightmares.

Nonvolatile Memory

Experience the beauty of nonvolatility. Your data stays intact even when the power goes off. It's a memory that indeed remembers.

Efficient Organization

With two pages of 256 words x 8-bit, it packs a punch with a capacity of 4Kbits. That's power in a compact form.

JEDEC Standard-Compliant

Rest easy, knowing it adheres to the EE1004-1 JEDEC standard. Quality isn't just a promise; it's a guarantee.

Seamlessly Easy Integration

I2C Interface

The page writing and sequential reading are a breeze thanks to the I2C interface. Efficiency meets simplicity.

Endless Possibilities

The EEPROM 11 Click Board™ isn't just a memory solution; it's a gateway to innovation. Here's where it shines:

Consumer Electronics

Elevate the user experience in your gadgets, making them more reliable and responsive.

Office Equipment

Enhance office productivity with rock-solid data storage and retrieval.

Communication Devices

Seamless connectivity relies on dependable memory. That's where we excel.

Medical Equipment

In healthcare, precision matters. Trust the EEPROM 11 Click Board™ to keep your data safe.

Automobile Equipment

Our memory solution is the perfect companion in a world where cars are becoming smarter.

Your Development Partner

mikroSDK Compliant Library

Simplify your software development with our library. We've made it easy to bring your ideas to life.

Fully Tested & Ready

No hassle. No guesswork. The EEPROM 11 Click Board™ arrives ready to shine on your mikroBUS™ socket-equipped system.

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