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Hall Current 8 -25A Click Board

Hall Current 8 -25A Click Board

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The Hall Current 8 -25A Click Board™ is a compact add-on board that contains a precise solution for AC/DC current sensing. This board features the TLI4971-A025T5, a high-precision coreless current sensor from Infineon Technologies for industrial/consumer applications. The TLI4971-A025T5 has an analogue interface and two fast overcurrent detection outputs, which support the protection of the power circuitry. Galvanic isolation is also provided according to the magnetic sensing principle. Infineon's monolithic Hall technology enables accurate and highly linear measurement of currents with a full scale up to 25A.

The Hall Current 8 -25A Click Board™  is suitable for AC or DC current measurement applications: electrical drives, general-purpose inverters, chargers, current monitoring, overload, over-current detection, and many more.

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