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Brushless 9 Click Board

Brushless 9 Click Board

Brushless Motor Controller
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The Brushless 9 Click Board™ is a compact add-on board that controls BLDC motors with any MCU. This board features the TC78B027FTG, a 1-Hall sine-wave PWM controller for three-phase brushless DC motors from Toshiba Semiconductor. It simplifies the motor selection by using only one Hall sensor input that can be used with either a single Hall sensor motor or the more conventional 3 Hall sensor motors. Besides, it offers energy-saving and quiet motor operation, incorporating non-volatile memory and a closed-loop speed control function. This Click Board™ provides optimum operating efficiency in applications such as high-velocity server fans, blowers, and pumps.

The Brushless 9 Click Board™ is supported by a mikroSDK compliant library, which includes functions that simplify software development. This Click Board™ comes as a fully tested product, ready to be used on a system equipped with the mikroBUS™ socket.

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