Semper Flash Click Board

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The Semper Flash Click Board™ features the S25HS512T, a perfect solution for the mass storage option in various embedded applications. With fast performance being one of its key features, the Semper Flash Click Board™ can also be used for the code shadowing, execute-in-place (XIP), data logging and data storage. The Cypress Semper Flash with Quad SPI family of products is high-speed CMOS, MirrorBit NOR flash devices.

Semper Flash is designed for Functional Safety with development according to ISO 26262 standard to achieve ASIL-B compliance and ASIL-D readiness. Built-in Error Correcting Code (ECC) corrects Single-bit Error and detects Double-bit Error (SECDED) on memory array data. The 512 Mbit SPI Flash memory module is one of the fastest and most reliable Flash modules on the market.