AnyNet 3G-EA Click Board (UK, EU and Australia)

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The AnyNet 3G-EA Click Board™ is a Cellular to AWS gateway device, which provides developers with the complete solution for various IoT applications, by using the AWS IoT and Cloud Storage Services for the data storage, analysing and processing. The AnyNet Click Board™ provides a secure connection with the AWS over the air (OTA), by utilising the Quectel UG95-EA 3G module, offering worldwide UMTS/HSPA and GSM/GPRS/EDGE coverage EseyeES4623 embedded SIM card, that can work with more than 235 cellular operators from all over the world. An Eseye embedded sim card can work with more than 235 cellular operators from all over the world. The AnyNet 3G Click Board™ can be used as an AWS IoT button with almost no configuration.

The AnyNet 3G Click Board™ comes supplied with the start-up package - free Activation through the AWS, unique ID number of the embedded SIM card and six-month cellular connectivity services of up to 5000 messages to the AWS cloud. With the AnyNet 3G Click Board™, users get a unique level of integration with the AWS IoT services.

Note: Before the purchase of AnyNet 3G Click Board™, please contact Eseye and check for the coverage and support of embedded SIM cards from your local provider. Opening an AWS account and subscribing to the Eseye marketplace is mandatory to work with this Click Board™.

The antenna is sold separately.