Slider Click Board

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The Slider Click Board™ features a mechanical slide action potentiometer - a slider, which gives a nice feeling when actuating, along with 16 SMD LEDs, that can be used for any kind of visual feedback. The on-board high-resolution 22-bit ADC can detect even the smallest move, faithfully capturing the smoothness of the slider movement, while digitizing its position. The 16 on-board SMD LEDs can give a nice visual feedback of the slider position, but those LEDs can also be used for other purposes since they are not hardwired to the slider.

The Slider Click Board™ can be used to control various digital applications with an accurate and comfortable slider potentiometer, while the LEDs can be used to display the desired information in a form of a bar or a position. For example, Slider Click Board™ can be used to control a quad digital potentiometer, such as the one that can be found on DIGIPOT 5 Click Board™, while displaying the position of the selected digital wiper on the LEDs.