4G LTE-E Click Board

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If you need to add 4G cellular access to your project, then the 4G LTE Click Board™ is worth considering.

The 4G LTE Click Board™ is an LTE Cat 1 / 2G multimode cellular network solution featuring the compact LARA-R2 series modem from u-blox. This module supports up to three LTE bands and GSM bands. It also features a full range of options for high-speed cellular networking and communication, such as the network indication, full embedded TCP/UDP stack, HTTP and HTTPS transfer protocols, IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack support, secondary antenna for the RX diversity, antenna detection, jamming signal detection, embedded TLS 1.2 protocol for the improved security and more. The 4G LTE Click Board™ can achieve data rates up to 10.3 Mbps/5.2 Mbps (downlink/uplink).