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Clicker Board 2 for Kinetis

Clicker Board 2 for Kinetis

NXP Kinetis-Based Development Board
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With two mikroBUS sockets on Click Board™ 2 for Kinetis, you can take advantage of the huge potential of Click Boards™, the constantly expanding range of over 300 add-on boards. Blend different functionalities together and come up with new and original inventions. That's just two Click Boards™ and your project is half-way done. Go ahead and play with a few ideas right away.

Focus on your main idea because Click Board™ 2 will take care of the details for you: your prototype already has a power management system in place. The on-board LTC3586-1 IC will provide 3.3V or 5V to the Click Boards™. It turns the USB port into a battery charger. For convenience, Clicker 2 Board™ for Kinetis features a reset button and an ON/OFF switch (you can also connect an external ON/OFF switch).

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