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Clicker Board for PIC32MX

Clicker Board for PIC32MX

Compact PIC32MX MCU Board
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The PIC32MX Clicker Board™ is an amazingly compact starter development kit that brings an innovative mikroBUS host socket to your favourite microcontroller. The board features all you need to get started: a 32-bit PIC32MX534F064H microcontroller, USB connector, two LEDs and push buttons, reset button and headers for interfacing with external electronics.

Hundreds of possibilities with click boards. With mikroBUS™ socket, you can take advantage of the huge potential of click™ boards, the constantly expanding range of over 300 add-on boards.

Programming.To make your prototyping experience as convenient as possible, the PIC32MX Clicker Board™ is preprogrammed with a USB HID Bootloader. Just download our mikroBootloader application and you’re ready to upload your firmware.

NOTE: On-board mikroProg for PIC, dsPIC and PIC32 connector enables programming through external programmer/debugger.

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