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SKU: LE-3500XR-E

Lineeye LE-3500XR-E Multi Protocol Analyzer

Lineeye LE-3500XR-E Multi Protocol Analyzer

with long term data logging
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The Lineeye LE-3500XR-E is a perfect model of a stand-alone communication protocol analyzer which has a touch panel colour display and a lithium-ion battery while inheriting all the functions of the conventional model LE-3500/LE-3500R which have the monitor function, simulation function, and bit error rate test function necessary for communication analysis test.

Visualization of signal status and error data on the line monitor display is dramatically improved by colourizing the display. With the touch panel and the physical key switch, you can optimize the use of them - for example, swiping of the touch screen for display of a large amount of communication monitor data and key operation for MANUAL simulation mode (in which communication test data are assigned to the keys and transmission/reception test is executed). In addition, many key operations of the conventional model are inherited as shortcut key operations.

The newly designed housing that can built-in a lithium-ion battery pack (which can be charged from the micro USB connector) is significantly smaller and lighter than the conventional model, reducing the burden for maintenance of communication devices and troubleshooting of communication systems.

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