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Lineeye LE-270GR CAN/LIN Communications Data Logger

Lineeye LE-270GR CAN/LIN Communications Data Logger

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Introducing the LE-270GR: The Future of Communication Data Logging

In an era dominated by data-driven decisions, the LE-270GR Communication Data Logger emerges as the new frontier of efficient data gathering, tracking, and analysis. Let's dive into the world of this revolutionary product, promising to redefine how you perceive data logging.

Key Features:

1. Multi-Functional Logger Mode

Experience the ease of recording CAN/LIN communication logs directly into the SD/SDHC card for extensive hours without a hiccup.

2. Real-time Remote Monitoring

By seamlessly connecting the analyzer with your PC, monitor data or GPS information in real-time. Never miss an important detail again.

3. Advanced Simulation Mode

Transmit CAN/LIN data registered in advance with impeccable ease. Choose, click, and transmit. It's that simple.

4. Dual CAN & LIN Transceivers

With galvanic-isolated two CAN and two LIN transceivers, measure 2 channels of CAN/LIN communication lines simultaneously.

5. Comprehensive Data Registration

From GPS positioning data and acceleration data to the voltage data of 4 external signals, the LE-270GR leaves no stone unturned.

Why the LE-270GR Stands Out:

Robust Power Failure Protection: Bid goodbye to data losses during unexpected power cuts. Your data remains safeguarded with the LE-270GR.

Waterproof Design: Functionality meets durability. Use the analyzer without the worry of water damage.

Optimised Power Consumption: With remarkably low power consumption, the LE-270GR proves to be a trusty companion for both automation and production factories.

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