ZeroPlus LAP-C Pro Series Logic Analyser

LAP-C Pro(16064M)
ZeroPlus Technology Co Ltd
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The LAP-C Pro series Logic Analyzer offers a greatly improved memory capacity and sampling rate over its predecessor. With 256 Mb per channel, and with a sampling rate of up to 2GHz per channel, this is 10 times faster than the previous generation LAP-C. 

LAP-C Pro Protocol Analyzer can capture real-time signals, allowing you to review and analyze BUS signals and packet content. With over 130 different protocols, LAP-C Pro provides more advanced options for gathering and analyzing different data.

TuffTest Package

The LogicCube Pro is also available as a TuffTest package.  The TuffTest package includes a rugged, waterproof carrying case to protect your instrument and store it safely.

Customer Reviews

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Michael Kellett
So far, pretty good

I've had a LAPC16128 for ages and have mainly been using scope based logic analysers for the last approx 7 years. I needed something which could decode IEE-488 bus so dug out the LAPC. Apart from its limited memory it's better than any of the scope based analysers and the number of included decoders puts them all to shame.
I bought the LAP-C pro to get more memory and channels, so far I've checked that it worked OK (it does) but I haven't had a challenging task for it yet. On paper you get a much, much better analyser for about the same money as Tek, or Keysight want for a set of LA probes.
The Debug Store shipped it faster than they promised, so no problems there either.