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Hantek HT25COP Coil-on-Plug and Signal Probe

Hantek HT25COP Coil-on-Plug and Signal Probe

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The Hantek HT25COP Coil-on Plug and Signal Probe can easily catch the ignition waveform of an automobile engine. The ignition waveform is a window through which we can see what happened in the engine combustion chambers.

  • It determines whether the ignition plugs need to be replaced or cleaned.
  • Does the fuel injector in an electronic fuel injection system work well?
  • Is there a problem with a loss of compression?
  • Is the spark gap in the plugs too small?
  • Is the spark plug electrode misshaped?
  • Is there too much oil pollution or carbon deposition on the ignition plugs?
  • Is the insulation of the spark plug breaking down?
  • Are there any problems with the vehicle battery?
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