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Hantek-365D Bluetooth/USB Data Logger

Hantek-365D Bluetooth/USB Data Logger

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The Hantek-365D Data Logger will measure ac/dc voltage, ac/dc current, resistance and capacitance at regular, preset intervals and displays the result on a graph in the control software. This facilitates the identification of trends in data.

The unit is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery

The instrument is supplied with Windows software which communicates with the unit via Bluetooth, making it ideal for measuring data in potentially dangerous locations.

The Hantek-365D also makes true RMS measurements of voltage and current.

note: if you need to connect to an iPad, please choose the Hantek-365F

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Customer Reviews

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Kirk Stringer
Cheaper than Pico

Quite a good little logger from the short time I have been using it. Logs all electrical parameters. Software is a little basic, would be good to be able to zero your readings and add multipliers or offsets. Still not worked out how to use with Android, all the Hantek apps crash when you try to connect Bluetooth.

We will investigate this problem with Hantek and get back to you.

John Legg