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Buck 7 Click Board

Buck 7 Click Board

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The Buck 7 Click Board™ is a high-efficiency buck (step-down) DC-DC converter, which can provide digitally adjusted step-down voltage on its output while delivering up to 3.5A of current. Buck 7 Click Board™ accepts a wide voltage range on its input - from 5V to 35V. The output voltage may be adjusted via the SPI interface, in the range from 3.3V to approximately 90% of the input voltage.

The Buck 7 Click Board™ utilizes the MAX17504, an integrated high efficiency, synchronous step-down DC-DC converter with internal compensation, from Maxim Integrated. In addition, to allow digital control of the output voltage, the MCP4921, a 12-bit D/A converter with SPI Interface is used on the feedback loop.

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