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Amfeltec Corp

SKU: SKU-012-02

Amfeltec SKU-012-02 TTL-RS-232C Converter (5V)

Amfeltec SKU-012-02 TTL-RS-232C Converter (5V)

TTL to RS-232C Converter
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The Amfeltec SKU-012-02 TTL-RS-232C Converter is used to connect a Serial UART to the motherboard of your computer via a standard RS-232 port. This easy-to-install adapter is a cost-effective solution for connecting the UART Bus to the computer and comes in a compact size. It takes very less space on the motherboard and can also be connected from outside computer chassis. This adapter draws power from the host motherboard itself and does not require any external power source. Offering connection speeds of up to 250 Kbps, this adapter supports 5V UART signals.

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