ZeroPlus LAP-C LogicCube Logic Analyser

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The ZeroPlus LogicCube (LAP-C) Logic Analyser range is one of our most popular selling logic analysers. It is available with 16 or 32 channels and includes decoding over 120 protocols as standard.

The LAP-C LogicCube connects to a host PC and is powered via its USB interface.  It is housed in a compact, lightweight enclosure, designed to grace the tidiest workbench!

The LAP-C includes a USB lead,  test leads, ten grabber hooks and the latest software supplied on a USB Memory Stick.

TuffTest Package

The LogicCube is also available as a TuffTest package.  The TuffTest package includes a rugged, waterproof carrying case and twenty grabber hooks.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Peter Colls
ZeroPlus LAP-C LogicCube Logic Analyser

Very good also bought the Protocol Simulator Board; once I got used to the software all worked OK. The ZeroPlus Instruction videos are very good.

Mast Hai

Mast Hai

Peter Simpson
Logicube Logic Analyzer

Although 'Entry level' this a powerful bit of kit! I bought it to analyze bursts of 30 bytes microwire eeprom transaction which it did with ease. Something I was unable to do on a digital oscilloscope costing ten times as much! The re-trigger option meant I didn't lose anything either

Liang Ming

ZeroPlus LAP-C LogicCube Logic Analyser

Oliver Sedlacek
When you need an I2C analyser in a hurry....

I bought the ZeroPlus as a replacement for a TotalPhase Aardvark I2C bus monitor as the recent Aardvark app no longer includes the I2C monitor function. The ZeroPhase has a quality feel and installation was trouble free on a 64 bit Windows 10 PC. The PC app isn't at all user friendly and intuitive so it took me a while to get started capturing and viewing signals. I then discovered that the capture depth is quite modest, so I couldn't capture as much bus traffic as I needed.
Having said that, it's still a pretty capable logic analyser at a very good price. I haven't compared it back to back with my PicoScope 3000 for functionality, but if your budget is tight it's definitely worth a look.
If they could improve the ease of use of the UI then it would be a real winner.

Hi Oliver

Many thanks for taking the trouble to leave a review.

The Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter is not designed to be a bus monitor but it used to have minimal monitoring functions. The Beagle I2C/SPI Bus analyser is best suited for this purpose. It also offers real-time filtering which can ensure than only those I2C cycles that are needed are stored in the capture buffer.

The LAP-C(16032) is an entry-level logic analyser with a small 32K bits/ch capture buffer. Other models in the range are available with a larger capture buffers up to 2M bits/ch.

For the price, the LAP-C(16032) offers excellent value.

Kind regards

John Legg