ZeroPlus LAP-C LogicCube Logic Analyser

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The ZeroPlus LogicCube (LAP-C) Logic Analyser range is one of our most popular selling logic analysers. It is available with 16 or 32 channels and includes decoding over 120 protocols as standard.

The LAP-C LogicCube connects to a host PC and is powered via its USB interface.  It is housed in a compact, lightweight enclosure, designed to grace the tidiest workbench!

The LAP-C includes a USB lead,  test leads, ten grabber hooks and the latest software supplied on a USB Memory Stick.

TuffTest Package

The LogicCube is also available as a TuffTest package.  The TuffTest package includes a rugged, waterproof carrying case and twenty grabber hooks.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Alan Hurst
Zeroplus Lap C Pro (32064)

Much more convenient than scope based LAs with every protocol you could imagine available at no extra cost (scope manufacturers take note). Excellent service from John, will use the Dubug Store again no doubt.

Peter Simpson
Logicube Logic Analyzer

Although 'Entry level' this a powerful bit of kit! I bought it to analyze bursts of 30 bytes microwire eeprom transaction which it did with ease. Something I was unable to do on a digital oscilloscope costing ten times as much! The re-trigger option meant I didn't lose anything either

Liang Ming

ZeroPlus LAP-C LogicCube Logic Analyser

Peter Colls
ZeroPlus LAP-C LogicCube Logic Analyser

Very good also bought the Protocol Simulator Board; once I got used to the software all worked OK. The ZeroPlus Instruction videos are very good.

Oliver Sedlacek
When you need an I2C analyser in a hurry....

I bought the ZeroPlus as a replacement for a TotalPhase Aardvark I2C bus monitor as the recent Aardvark app no longer includes the I2C monitor function. The ZeroPhase has a quality feel and installation was trouble free on a 64 bit Windows 10 PC. The PC app isn't at all user friendly and intuitive so it took me a while to get started capturing and viewing signals. I then discovered that the capture depth is quite modest, so I couldn't capture as much bus traffic as I needed.
Having said that, it's still a pretty capable logic analyser at a very good price. I haven't compared it back to back with my PicoScope 3000 for functionality, but if your budget is tight it's definitely worth a look.
If they could improve the ease of use of the UI then it would be a real winner.

Hi Oliver

Many thanks for taking the trouble to leave a review.

The Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter is not designed to be a bus monitor but it used to have minimal monitoring functions. The Beagle I2C/SPI Bus analyser is best suited for this purpose. It also offers real-time filtering which can ensure than only those I2C cycles that are needed are stored in the capture buffer.

The LAP-C(16032) is an entry-level logic analyser with a small 32K bits/ch capture buffer. Other models in the range are available with a larger capture buffers up to 2M bits/ch.

For the price, the LAP-C(16032) offers excellent value.

Kind regards

John Legg