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Tag-Connect, LLC

SKU: TC2030-NL-FTDI-TTL-234X-3V3

Tag Connect TC2030-NL-FTDI-TTL-234X-3V3 Cable

Tag Connect TC2030-NL-FTDI-TTL-234X-3V3 Cable

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Upgrade Your Connectivity with the FTDI NL TTL-232X-3V3 to USB Serial Converter Cable

Experience a new level of connectivity and debugging prowess with our advanced FTDI TTL-232X-3V3 to USB Serial Converter cable. Now featuring the innovative TC2030 "Non-Legged" Tag-Connector, this cable elevates your data transfer and debugging processes.

Efficient Data Transfer and Seamless Debugging

Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with additional mating-half connectors on your PCB. Our FTDI TTL-232X-3V3 cable, integrated with the TC2030 "Non-Legged" Tag-Connector, ensures a seamless connection and efficient data transfer between your devices: no more wasted time and complexity.

Optimized Cost-Efficiency and Space Utilization

Embrace a solution that enhances your connectivity and optimizes your project's cost-efficiency. The TC2030 "Non-Legged" Tag-Connector eliminates the need for extra connectors, reducing material costs and assembly efforts. Plus, this smart design maximizes the utilization of valuable space on your target board.

Upgrade to the FTDI TTL-232X-3V3 to USB Serial Converter Cable with TC2030 "Non-Legged" Tag-Connector today and experience a new era of seamless data transfer, efficient debugging, and enhanced cost-effectiveness. Elevate your projects with this cutting-edge solution.

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