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Spectral 3 Click Board

Spectral 3 Click Board

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The Spectral 3 Click Board™ is a multi-spectral sensing device, which uses the state-of-the-art sensor IC for very accurate near-IR (NIR) sensing. The sensor on the Spectral 3 Click Board™ provides multi-spectral sensing in the NIR wavelengths from approximately 610nm to 860nm with the full width at half maximum (FWHM) of 20nm.

The Spectral 3 Click Board™ provides a direct reading of the six different channels with the 16-bit precision, as well as the calibrated reading, that gives 32-bit float values with an 8-bit biased exponent and a 23-bit fraction part, processed through the Spectral ID engine. The sensor also integrates two programmable LED channels with constant current drivers, useful for indication and for providing the backlight for the measured colour object.

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