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SEGGER Microcontroller GmbH

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SEGGER Flasher Compact Programmer

SEGGER Flasher Compact Programmer

The Perfect Programming Solution for Production Fixtures
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Key Features

  • Compact universal stand-alone programmer
  • Mounting Holes for mounting into Test Fixture a Breeze
  • Includes the Flasher software package
  • No additional licenses required. No hidden costs. No future costs.

Introducing Flasher Compact: Your Stand-Alone Flash Programming Solution Experience

Effortless In-Circuit Flash Programming

Flasher Compact is the ultimate in-circuit flash programming tool, meticulously designed to program the internal and external memory of your MCU or SOC. Additionally, it seamlessly programs a (Q)SPI memory chip to which it is directly connected, providing you with unparalleled control over your devices.

No PC Required - Stand-Alone Power

With Flasher Compact, you are in complete command, and there's no need for a PC program. Say goodbye to complexities and enjoy the freedom of stand-alone mode. Effortlessly program your devices without any external dependencies.

Compact Size, Limitless Integration

Embrace efficiency with Flasher Compact's compact nature and mounting holes, making it a breeze to integrate into size-limited production setups. Streamline your processes and accelerate your production with ease. Powered by USB - Always Ready to Go

Never worry about running out of power. Flasher Compact is powered by USB, ensuring it's always ready to tackle your flash programming tasks. No matter where you are, keep your production line running smoothly.

Massive 128 MB Internal Memory

Flasher Compact has an impressive 128 MB of internal memory, providing ample space for storing firmware images and programming configurations. Store your vital data securely and access it whenever you need. Cross-Platform Support -

Your Choice, Your System

Enjoy the flexibility of Flasher Compact with its comprehensive setup and control software available for Windows, Linux, and macOS. Seamlessly switch between operating systems to suit your preference.

Stay Updated, Stay Supported

We've got you covered with regular software and firmware updates. Experience the latest features and enhancements without any extra cost. And guess what? All supported devices are included - no hidden fees.

Future-Proof Your Flash Programming

Invest in Flasher Compact today and unlock the benefits of future support for additional devices. As technology evolves, we ensure that your flash programming needs are met, keeping you at the forefront of innovation. Make the smart choice and opt for Flasher Compact. Empower your flash programming capabilities and take your production efficiency to new heights.

Order now and experience the seamless power of stand-alone flash programming!

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