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Dediprog EM-AD-RF8W-Kit Reference Flash Adaptor Kit

Dediprog EM-AD-RF8W-Kit Reference Flash Adaptor Kit

For Use With the EM100Pro and SF100
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When using the EM100 and EM100Pro, you may want to use a real serial flash to verify the developed code. This can be done by unplugging the EM100 from the target board and plug the reference flash adaptor by using the same 1.27mm 2x4 cable. The reference flash adaptor is soldered with a 1.27mm 2x4 male header, SO8W engineering socket, and 2.54mm 2x4 male header. The 1.27mm 2x4 male header is used to connect to the target board with the same male header soldered on the target board. The engineering socket is used to insert a real serial flash. The 2.54mm 2x4 male header can be used to connect to the Dediprog SF100 ISP programmer with an ISP cable to program the updated codes into the chip.

Note: During the SF100 update of the reference flash adaptor, the reference flash adaptor cannot be connected to the target board.

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