Pressure 7 Click Board

Mikroelektronika d.o.o.
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The Pressure 7 Click Board™ features an integrated digital barometric pressure and temperature sensor labelled MS5837. This sensor relies on the advanced MEMS technology by MEAS Switzerland, a well-known high-volume MEMS manufacturer. It is a high-resolution pressure sensor, with offers 24-bit pressure and thermal data over the I2C interface. Each sensor is factory calibrated, with the compensation parameters stored within its internal PROM memory. A hermetically sealed stainless-steel body filled with protective gel ensures the high reliability and mechanical endurance of the sensor. A high-speed conversion, long-term stability, high resolution, low count of external components required, and a wide range of MCUs that it can be interfaced with, make for just some of the benefits of the Pressure 7 Click Board™.

It comes in a package that also includes the mikroSDK software and a library with all the functions. The Pressure 7 Click Board™ comes as a fully tested and approved prototype, making it a reliable device ready to use on the development board.