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OMICRON-Lab B-AMP 12 External Power Amplifier

OMICRON-Lab B-AMP 12 External Power Amplifier

External Power Amplfier for use with the Bode-100
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Introducing B-AMP 12: Elevate Your Measurements with Power and Precision

Unlock the true potential of your Bode 100 with the revolutionary B-AMP 12 external power amplifier. Designed to enhance your testing capabilities, the B-AMP 12 empowers you to amplify the Bode 100 output signal by an impressive 12 dB (equivalent to a staggering x4 increase). This advancement enables you to perform measurements with signal levels reaching up to an astonishing 25 dBm.

Amplify Signals, Amplify Possibilities

Experience the convenience and accuracy of impedance measurement like never before. B-AMP 12 offers dedicated impedance measurement ports that empower you to directly measure impedance at high signal levels, enabling unparalleled precision and clarity in your measurements.

Unleash the Potential of B-AMP 12 in Your Work

Uncover a world of applications with B-AMP 12, designed to revolutionize your measurement experience:

  • Measure incredibly low impedance values with ease
  • Explore voltage-dependent impedance, including chip capacitance
  • Enhance your circuit analysis with amplified power during Loop Gain measurement, Input Impedance measurement, or Output Impedance measurement
  • Conquer noisy environments with boosted power, perfect for high-power DC/DC converters or AC/DC converters

Key Features that Redefine Excellence

  • Optimized exclusively for seamless compatibility with Bode 100
  • Enjoy an expansive flat frequency range from DC to an impressive 50 MHz
  • Gain insights with dedicated impedance measurement ports
  • Rest assured with CE compliance and RoHS compliance

Technical Data for the Enthusiasts

Delve into the specifics that set B-AMP 12 apart:

  • Gain: 12 dB ±0.25 dB for uncompromising accuracy
  • Max power: Unleash up to 25 dBm across the dynamic DC to 50 MHz range
  • Input and output impedance: A solid and reliable 50 Ω for consistent performance

Experience measurements elevated to a new standard with B-AMP 12. Upgrade your testing capabilities today!

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