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I2C Isolator 7 Click Board

I2C Isolator 7 Click Board

Isolates I2C Signals with a SCL up to 2MHz
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Key Features

  • Two bidirectional open-drain channels for applications such as I2C, wide independent supply range, especially for side 2, enhanced hot-swappable side 2 IO, strong current sinking, robust galvanic isolation of digital signals, ultra-low power consumption, and more
  • Based on the ADuM1252 - ultra-low power, bidirectional I2C isolator from Analog Devices
  • Can be used for the development of applications based on transferring digital signals between circuits with different power domains at ambient temperatures

Unleash the Power of Isolated Communication with I2C Isolator 7 Click

Revolutionary Bidirectional I2C Isolation

The I2C Isolator 7 Click is a game-changing add-on board designed for engineers who demand superior isolation in their I2C bidirectional data transfer. Featuring the innovative ADuM1252 from Analog Devices, this board stands out with its ultra-low power consumption and high-speed capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-Low Power ADuM1252: Ensures efficient and reliable operation, reducing the overall power consumption of your systems.
  • High-Speed Communication: Supports up to 2MHz SCL, facilitating faster data transfers and improved application performance.
  • Advanced Bus Topologies: Designed for complex systems, allowing for enhanced scalability and versatility.

Enhanced Compatibility and Flexibility

I2C Isolator 7 Click seamlessly integrates into your existing setups:

  • mikroBUS™ Socket Compatibility: Effortlessly connects to any host system that supports the mikroBUS™ standard.
  • mikroSDK Support: Comes with open-source libraries, providing a flexible and customizable development environment.

Innovative ClickID Feature

Experience the future of board identification with the ClickID feature:

  • Automatic Detection: Your host system can instantly recognize the I2C Isolator 7 Click, streamlining the setup process.
  • Seamless Integration: Reduces the time and effort required for system configuration and development.

Ideal for High-Temperature Environments

Designed to operate efficiently in diverse conditions:

  • Robust Performance: Reliable functionality in ambient temperature environments, ensuring stability in challenging situations.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Embedded System Developers: Enhance your designs with efficient and reliable I2C isolation.
  • Electronics Hobbyists: Elevate your DIY projects with professional-grade technology.
  • Industrial Application Engineers: Implement robust communication in high-temperature environments.
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