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Rotary W 2 Click Board

Rotary W 2 Click Board

Sixteen Position Rotary Encoder with 16 white LEDs
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Key Features

  • High quality, SPI interface, a ring of 16 LEDs controlled individually, various lighting effects, knob feature, low power consumption, flexibility, efficiency, precision, and more
  • Based on the TLC5925 - low-power constant-current LED sink driver from Texas Instruments
  • Can be used for the development of various interesting visual effects for any application, such as flexible position, value indicator, and more

Introducing the Rotary W 2 Click Board™

Precision Engineering for Enhanced Control

The Rotary W 2 Click Board™ is an innovative addition to your design toolkit, offering precision and control with its advanced features. This compact add-on board is the epitome of engineering excellence, crafted to elevate your design experience.

Key Features

High-Quality Rotary Encoder

At the heart of the Rotary W 2 Click Board™, the EC12D1564402, a premium rotary encoder from ALPS. This component ensures precise input control, making it an ideal choice for applications requiring accuracy and reliability.

Advanced LED Sink Driver

Powered by the TLC5925 from Texas Instruments, this board boasts a low-power, 16-channel constant-current LED sink driver. This feature enhances power efficiency and provides consistent performance across all LED channels.

Visually Represent Encoder Position

Enhance your user interface with the board's LED ring, comprising 16 white LEDs. These LEDs visually represent the encoder position, adding an intuitive and engaging element to your design.

Compatibility and Flexibility

mikroBUS™ Standard Compliance

The Rotary W 2 Click Board™ is fully compatible with the mikroBUS™ socket, ensuring easy integration with various host systems. This compatibility simplifies the design process, allowing you to focus on creativity and innovation.

Open-Source Libraries with mikroSDK

Equipped with mikroSDK open-source libraries, the board offers unprecedented flexibility for both evaluation and customization. Tailor the board to your specific needs and effortlessly explore its full potential.

Breakthrough ClickID Feature

The Rotary W 2 Click Board™ introduces the groundbreaking ClickID feature, enabling automatic detection and identification by your host system. This seamless integration streamlines the development process, enhancing efficiency and user experience.


Ideal for many applications, this Click Board™ is perfect for creating visual effects, flexible position indicators, value indicators, and much more. Its versatility makes it a valuable asset in any designer's arsenal.

Why Choose the Rotary W 2 Click Board™?

  • Precision Control: Achieve exact input through the high-quality rotary encoder.
  • Visual Engagement: Enhance user interfaces with the visually appealing LED ring.
  • Ease of Integration: Benefit from mikroBUS™ compatibility and automatic board identification.
  • Customization: Leverage open-source libraries for bespoke solutions.
  • Energy Efficiency: Enjoy consistent performance with the low-power LED driver.

Take Your Design to the Next Level

Elevate your projects with the Rotary W 2 Click Board™. Experience unmatched precision, versatility, and efficiency. Order yours today and transform the way you design!

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