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USB-C Sink 2 Click Board

USB-C Sink 2 Click Board

USB PD Sink Controller
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Key Features

  • Large voltage operating range, compliant with USB PD rev3.0 V1.2 with PPS, PD sink controller, supports PPS, OTP, interrupt and its mask, supports OVP, OCP, power-saving mode, a driver for N-MOS VBUS power switch, supports dead-battery mode, testing pads, and more
  • Based on the AP33772 - high-performance USB PD sink controller from Diodes Incorporated
  • Can be used for the development of USB Type-C connector-equipped battery-powered devices or DC-power input devices, USB PD3.0 PPS testers, USB Type-C to traditional barrel-connector power-adapter cables, and more

Introducing USB-C Sink 2 Click Board™: The Ultimate USB Power Delivery Controller! Compact, Powerful, and Autonomous

Discover the USB-C Sink 2 Click Board™, a remarkable add-on board with a standalone autonomous USB power delivery controller. Say goodbye to power limitations and embrace the freedom of efficient power management.

The Diodes Incorporated Advantage

At its core, the USB-C Sink 2 Click Board™ features the cutting-edge AP33772 USB PD sink controller from Diodes Incorporated. With its high-performance capabilities, this controller takes your power delivery experience to a new level.

Dead Battery Mode for Uninterrupted Power

Experience uninterrupted power delivery with the USB-C Sink 2 Click's dead battery mode. Now you can power your system directly from an external source without a hitch.

Seamless Source-to-Sink Connection

Establishing a valid source-to-sink connection is now a breeze with the USB-C Sink 2 Click. Enjoy a smooth and reliable connection every time.

Negotiate with Ease

Negotiate USB power delivery (PD) contracts like a pro! The USB-C Sink 2 Click Board™ effortlessly interacts with PD-capable source devices, ensuring optimal application power delivery.

Powerful PD3.0 and PPS Support

Harness the true potential of direct voltage and current requests with fine-tuning capabilities. The USB-C Sink 2 Click Board™ offers flexible support for PD3.0 and PPS applications, empowering you to customize your power delivery experience.

The Ultimate Solution for Versatility

The USB-C Sink 2 Click Board™ is ideal for developing USB Type-C connector-equipped battery-powered or DC-power input devices. Additionally, it serves as a perfect fit for USB PD3.0 PPS testers and USB Type-C to traditional barrel-connector power-adapter cables.

Simplified Software Development

With the support of a mikroSDK-compliant library, the USB-C Sink 2 Click Board™ ensures a seamless software development experience. Unlock the full potential of your power delivery controller with ease.

Fully Tested and Ready to Go

The USB-C Sink 2 Click Board™ is a fully tested product, prepped and ready to be seamlessly integrated into systems equipped with the mikroBUS™ socket. Say hello to hassle-free implementation!

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