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Arduino Nano Click Shield

Arduino Nano Click Shield

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The Arduino Nano Click Shield is the perfect way to expand the functionalities of your Arduino Nano board. The Arduino Nano Click Shield provides two mikroBUS™ sockets to add any functionality from our ever-growing range of Click boards™. We are fully stocked with everything, from sensors and WiFi transceivers to motor control and audio amplifiers.

The Arduino Nano is a small, complete, and breadboard-friendly board form factor. When it comes to a host controller it can be found in various "flavours", such as based on the high-performance 8-bit AVR® microcontroller (Arduino Nano and Arduino Nano Every) or a low power 32-bit ARM® Cortex® microcontroller (Arduino Nano 33 IoT and Arduino Nano 33 BLE), that brings better specifications to anyone's project at a low cost. Compared to the Arduino Uno’s familiar form factor, Nano boards are much smaller. Some of the boards come with onboard connectivity modules ranging from Wi-Fi to GSM, making them the right solution for your next IoT project. It's supported by the same well-known Arduino IDE and works with a USB cable (Mini or Micro-B type depending on the used board) instead of a standard one.

This development platform provides users with an extremely easy and common way to combine the Arduino Nano footprint compatible development boards with their favourite Click boards™ in their upcoming projects.

Note: Arduino Nano board is not included in the package.

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