UNI Clicker Board

Mikroelektronika d.o.o.
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The UNI Clicker™ is a compact development board designed as a complete solution, you can use it to quickly build your gadgets with unique functionalities. Featuring an MCU Card socket, four sockets for Click boards™ connectivity, power management, and more, it represents a perfect solution for the rapid development of many different types of applications.

At its core, there is an MCU Card socket that allows UNI Clicker to use different microcontrollers (MCUs) mounted on a standardised MCU Card, regardless of their vendor or architecture. This provides a tremendous amount of flexibility, allowing UNI Clicker to adapt to any specific application requirements, be it a demanding task of a remote weather station, or something much simpler. Besides two 1x26 pin headers, four improved mikroBUS™ sockets represent the most distinctive connectivity feature, allowing access to a huge base of Click boards™, growing daily.