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ADC 8 Click Board

ADC 8 Click Board

4-channel, 16-bit Analog to Digital Converter
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Key Features

  • Analog to digital conversion from 4 single-ended channels or 2 differential input channels, sampling resolution of 16 bits over the I2C interface, programmable high-precision internal reference…
  • Based on the ADS1115 IC, an ultra-small, low-power, high-precision, 16-bit A/D converter, from Texas Instruments.
  • It is well suited for portable instrumentation applications, battery voltage, and current monitoring, analogue sensor output conversion, etc.
  • mikroBUS: I2C Interface

The ADC 8 Click Board™ is a high precision, low-power, 16-bit analogue-to-digital converter (ADC), based around the ADS1115 IC. It is capable of sampling signals on four single-ended or two differential input channels.

Although the ADS1115 cannot use an external reference, it incorporates a low-drift programmable voltage reference, along with the programmable gain amplifier (PGA). This allows for great flexibility in terms of the input signal level: it can sample signals from ±256 mV, up to 6.144 V, allowing a very high precision for a wide range of input signals, making it an excellent choice for various instrumentation applications.

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