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Diff Press Click Board

Diff Press Click Board

Differential Pressure to I2C Measurement
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Key Features

  • High measurement accuracy, low drift over temperature, specially designed inlet ports for simplified use, very linear measurement readings available in 12-bit format over the I2C interface, etc.
  • Based on the MPXV7007DP, an integrated monolithic differential pressure sensor, from NXP; MCP3221, a 12bit D/A converter with I2C Interface, from Microchip
  • It is an ideal solution for monitoring the pressure in different kinds of HVAC applications, hospital beds, respiratory systems, process control, and similar applications which rely on an accurate and reliable pressure monitoring.
  • mikroBUS: I2C Interface

The Diff Press Click Board™ is an accurate pressure sensor Click Board™ capable of measuring differential pressure. This Click Board™ utilizes a very precise differential pressure sensor from NXP, labelled as MPXV7007DP. This piezo-resistive transducer is an advanced monolithic pressure sensor, combining advanced MEMS manufacturing technologies with on-chip signal processing, providing accurate measurement with very low drift over temperature. The sensor outputs an analogue voltage, linearly dependent on the applied pressure. This voltage is digitized by an accurate A/D converter and delivered over the I2C interface.

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