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IrThermo 3 Click Board

IrThermo 3 Click Board

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The IrThermo 3 Click Board™ is a device that allows contactless measurement of the object temperature. It uses a highly advanced MLX90632 FIR sensor, which detects the average temperature of objects within its field of view (FOV), which is typically ±25°. It is factory calibrated, with the calibration constants stored in its internal EEPROM. Besides EEPROM used for storing trimming values, device settings, and calibration constants, it has an additional RAM area that can be used for auxiliary measurement data storage. The integrated temperature sensor provides ambient temperature measurement, necessary for proper calibration.

The device is calibrated to sense objects with the temperature ranging from -20°C up to 200°C, and the ambient temperature ranging up to 80°C. The measurement resolution is 0.02°C. Measured data is available via the industry-standard I2C communication bus.

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