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Solar Energy Click Board

Solar Energy Click Board

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There are many battery chargers and solar energy harvesters out there already, but the Solar Energy Click Board™ has the unique feature - it encompasses both of these devices in a single package. The Click Board™ uses Texas Instruments BQ25570 - a nano-power high-efficiency boost charger and buck converter device, designed to work with very low power energy harvesting elements, such as the photo-voltaic and thermoelectric generators.

The Solar Energy Click Board™ recharges the connected Li-Po battery or the onboard 220mF super-capacitor, using the photovoltaic element. This is done by utilising the BQ25570's charging and power harvesting capabilities and clever nano-power management features. This Click Board™ can also power up low power consumption devices by using the stored energy, providing a way for continuous power operation of low power devices.

These features make the Solar Energy Click Board™ an ideal solution for powering wireless sensor networks, environmental monitoring devices, portable and wearable health monitoring devices and similar low power self-sustained devices.

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