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BroadR-Reach Click Board

BroadR-Reach Click Board

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Key Features

  • Robust and reliable interface, designed to be used in industrial and noisy environments, only one twisted pair required for the full duplex communication.
  • Based on the BCM54811 BroadR-Reach capable Ethernet PHY IC from Broadcom, W3150A+ hardware LSI protocol stack by WizNet, PIC16F18313 controller from Microchip.
  • It can be used for realizing network in the industrial environment, and other places that require a good and reliable Ethernet-based open network.
  • mikroBUS: SPI and GPIO Interfaces

The BroadR-Reach Click Board™ brings the industry-grade communication standard to the mikroBUS, which is built to be used in an Ethernet-based open network. The Click Board™ is equipped with the BCM54811 Transceiver from Broadcom Limited, which is used to provide the hardware PHY layer for the network, and the W3150A+from WizNet, a hardware LSI protocol stack, that provides an easy and low-cost solution for high-speed Internet connectivity for digital devices by allowing simple installation of TCP/IP stack in the hardware.

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