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Hantek Electronic Co Ltd

SKU: DSO-4102C

Hantek DSO-4102C 2-ch, 100MHz Oscilloscope

Hantek DSO-4102C 2-ch, 100MHz Oscilloscope

and 25MHz Signal Generator
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The Hantek DSO-4072C is a two-channel, 100MHz digital oscilloscope designed for professional electronic engineers.

It features a sensitive 500μV/div minimum amplitude range for low-level signals, a fast 1GSa/s sample rate, an Advanced Triggering System with high-trigger sensitivity and a low-trigger jitter.

The display features a large 7" 64K colour TFT display and dedicated individual channel controls aligned vertically to the channel inputs. The instrument can be controlled from a host PC via its USB interface, and captured data can be stored on a USB memory stick.

The scope also features a Digital Multimeter and a serial bus decoding and triggering, making it ideal for monitoring onboard I2C and SPI bus activity.

A fully featured 0-25MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator with a 12-bit resolution is also included in the instrument, making it an essential item for the electronic engineer's workbench.

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