Dediprog SF100 SPI NOR Flash Programmer

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The Dediprog SF100 SPI NOR Flash Programmer is the perfect programming tool that can be easily controlled through the USB port using Dediprog software. The SF100 is so affordable that you should have one in your toolkit.

The Dediprog SF100 is a high-speed in-system programmer (ISP) for programming serial flash memory devices. It is a USB-based programmer that supports a wide range of serial flash devices, including SPI NOR flash, SPI NAND flash, and eMMC devices.

To use the SF100 programmer, you will need to install the SF100 software on your computer. This software provides a user-friendly interface for configuring the programmer and programming your serial flash devices. You can find more information and download the software from the Dediprog website.

Once the software is installed, you can connect the SF100 programmer to your computer using the USB cable provided. Then, you can use the software to select your serial flash device, configure the programming options, and start the programming process. The SF100 programmer is capable of programming at high speeds, making it suitable for use in high-volume production environments.

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Excellent company to deal with

Arrived a week earlier than expected, superb service and great prices. Will buy from The Debug Store again.