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Dediprog BBF-DIP Backup Boot Flash Module-DIP

Dediprog BBF-DIP Backup Boot Flash Module-DIP

Forces Target To Run Code in DIP Device
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The Backup Boot Flash-DIP is an ingenious tool created by DediProg to force the application controller to work automatically on the backup SPI Flash inserted in our tool DIP socket and no more on the Main Serial Flash soldered on board. At the connection on board, the BBF tool will disable automatically the Main Serial Flash that does not need to be unsoldered.

The BBF-DIP can be used as emulator by connecting it to the application DIP socket (remove the DIP serial flash on the application) with our BBF cable (included) and DIP cable adaptor. Or the BBF DIP can be used as a programmer for serial flash in DIP packages if used together with SF100.

The Serial Flash can be easily changed manually thanks to the DIP socket or even updated by connecting our SF100 programmer. The SF100 programmer is completely transparent for the application and will offer to developer high flexibility for code trials or update.

Please note that the BBF modules only support 3.3V/2.5V IC.
For offline programming demand only, it is recommended to use socket adaptor.

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