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Acute Technology MSO2000 16-Channel MSO (Analog or Digital)

Acute Technology MSO2000 16-Channel MSO (Analog or Digital)

Bus Trigger Level
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Key Features

  • Over 100 Bus Protocol Decoders Included
  • 2GHz Sample Rate
  • Digital Inputs: 2GHz Timing and 200MHz State Analysis
  • Analog Inputs: 200MS/s, Bandwidth 40MHz
  • Fast USB 3.0 Interface for Power and Data Streaming

Looking for a reliable and efficient way to analyze your circuits and digital signals? Look no further than the MSO2000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope! This 3-in-1 analyzer is the perfect tool for anyone looking to easily measure and analyze digital and analogue signals. The MSO is revolutionary and way ahead of other USB analysers on the market.

3-in-1 Analyzer

The MSO2000 serves as a Logic Analyzer, Protocol Analyzer, and Simple DSO all in one, making it the perfect all-in-one tool for any engineer or technician.

PC-based, USB3.0 interface

The MSO2000 connects easily to your PC via a USB 3.0 interface, allowing for easy integration with your existing setup.

16 Channels

With 16 channels available, you'll be able to display digital and analogue waveforms of the same channel, making it easy to measure and analyze even complex signals.

Digital Inputs

With digital inputs capable of 2 GHz Timing and 200MHz State Analysis, the MSO2000 provides accurate and detailed measurements of digital signals.

Analog Inputs

The MSO2000 provides accurate and reliable analogue measurements with inputs capable of up to 200 MS/s and a bandwidth of 40 MHz.

Powerful, Multi-level State Machine for Triggering

The MSO2000 has a built-in, multi-level state machine for triggering in real-time up to 200MHz.  Now, you can focus on capturing the most obscure events!

Bus-based Triggering in Real-time

Now you can trigger on specific bus events determined by the Bus Type.  A range of models is available based on the level of Triggering available.

8 Gb Internal Memory

With 8 Gb of memory available, you'll easily store even the most complex signals.

Fast USB 3.0 Interface

The fast USB 3.0 interface allows for high-speed streaming and power directly from your host PC.

PC RAM storage for streaming mode

With PC RAM storage available for streaming mode, you'll easily store and analyze even the most complex signals.

Don't wait - upgrade your measurement and analysis capabilities with the MSO2000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope today!

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