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Oscium WiPry-790x iOS/Android Spectrum Analyser

Oscium WiPry-790x iOS/Android Spectrum Analyser

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The Oscium WiPry-790x transforms a smartphone or tablet into a spectrum analyzer (755-928 MHz). This perfectly portable tool is the ideal solution for field techs and wireless professionals.

Oscium’s WiPry 790x visualizes all spectral activity from 755-928 MHz, complying with the international standard for smart meters or IEEE 802.15.4g. This breaks down (by country) as follows: USA (902-928MHz), China (755-787MHz), Europe (863-868MHz), Japan (916-928MHz), Korea (917-924MHz), Singapore (866-925MHz).

Now it’s possible to identify and avoid interference in smart utilities, smart cities and industrial IoT.

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