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13DOF Click Board

13DOF Click Board

Thirteen-Axis Motion Tracking Board
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The 13DOF Click Board™ is an advanced 13-axis motion tracking Click Board™, which utilizes three different sensors ICs onboard: BME680, a digital gas, humidity, pressure and temperature sensor and BMM150, a geomagnetic sensor and a BMI088, small, versatile 6DOF sensor module. All integrated sensors ICs are made by Bosch Sensortec, featuring state-of-the-art sensor technology processes, in order to fulfil the requirements for immersive gaming and navigation applications, which require highly accurate sensor data fusion.

Besides that, 13DOF Click Board™ is also perfectly suited for use in many other applications such as mobile phones, tablet PCs, GPS systems, Smartwatches, Sport and fitness devices, and many more.

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