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CANedge1 CAN Bus Data Logger

CANedge1 CAN Bus Data Logger

Records timestamped CAN, CAN FD and LIN to SD Card
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CANedge1: The Professional CAN Bus Data Logger

Revolutionize how you log and analyze CAN bus data with the CANedge1 from CSS Electronics. This compact yet powerful 2x CAN/LIN logger enables you to:
  • Easily record timestamped CAN data (Classical/CAN FD) to an extractable 8-32 GB industrial SD card
  • Connect directly to your CAN bus out-of-the-box and start logging with no configuration needed
  • Process and analyze data using 100% free and open-source software tools

Key Features

  • Dual high-speed CAN/CAN FD/LIN channels
  • Advanced filtering and transmission functionality
  • Configurable triggers to start/stop logging
  • Rugged aluminium enclosure and LED indicators
  • Extractable SD card for fast 80 MB/s data transfer


The CANedge1 is ideal for:
  • Vehicle diagnostics and development
  • Long-term monitoring for legal/warranty purposes
  • Research and analytics of CAN bus data
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance of equipment

Why Choose CANedge1?

CANedge1 combines professional-grade specs with an incredibly compact form factor and budget-friendly price. It's the easiest and most cost-effective way to unlock the power of your CAN bus data. Buy now to revolutionize how you log and analyze CAN bus signals across any application!
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