First Sensor LMIS025B, Pressure Sensor Development Board

First Sensor LMIS025B, Pressure Sensor Development Board

VAV Press Click Board UK

First Sensor has developed the LMI series of differential pressure sensors to reduce the negative effect of dust contamination, humidity and long tubing.  It does this by requiring an extremely low gas flow through the sensor.

The VAV Press Click Board™ is ideal for developing applications such as building ventilation systems (Variable Air Volume) and other industrial and medical applications.

The device can be controlled over an I2C interface by the host MCU.

MikroE has made it easy to evaluate and build prototypes with the VAV Press Click Board™, purchased from The Debug Store.

Make Product Development a Breeze

Over 1000 Click Boards are now available from The Debug Store. We also supply over one hundred MCU development boards and intelligent displays fitted with mikroBUS sockets, the universal interface for the Click Board.

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