Collection: CAN FD Bus Data Logger Catalogue

What are CAN FD Bus Data Loggers?

CAN FD (Controller Area Network with Flexible data rate) Bus Data Loggers record data from electronic control units (ECUs) in a CAN FD network. CAN FD is an improved version of the classic CAN protocol that enables faster data rates of up to 8Mbps and larger payloads of up to 64 bytes per frame. CAN FD data loggers allow users to monitor, record, and analyze CAN FD data for applications such as:
  • Vehicle testing and diagnostics
  • Fleet telematics and data analytics
  • Predictive maintenance for industrial machinery
  • Prototyping and validation of new designs
  • Reverse engineering and benchmarking

Key Features and Benefits

  • Dual CAN FD channels provide flexibility to log data from multiple networks.
  • High-speed SD card storage ensures no data loss, even at high bus loads
  • Small, rugged form factors allow easy vehicle integration
  • Advanced filtering and triggers enable selective logging
  • Data can be exported in open formats for analysis in various tools
  • Optional WiFi/cellular connectivity enables remote monitoring
CAN FD loggers empower engineers to optimize performance, improve reliability, and accelerate development cycles by unlocking the full potential of CAN FD networks. Contact our experts today to find the perfect CAN FD data logger for your application!