About Us

Debug Store is a trading company of Great Western Microsystems Limited, a UK company first registered in 1990. The company is a family run  and was formed by John Legg, a Chartered Electrical Engineer who graduated from Bath University in 1980. John has many years experience designing, developing and commissioning embedded electronic and software projects. In 1990 he realised an opportunity to make available new and innovative development tools that were only available in the United States.

Debug Store is located in the United Kingdom and is the company's first eCommerce store, setup in 2005. Its reputation in the UK, Europe and worldwide has grown since and is a predominant supplier of development tools to the electronics development market.

Value For Money

The Debug Store takes great care selecting development tools which offer excellent value for money. They do not sell cheap tools with poor manufacturer support and they have found that does not benefit the customer in the medium to long term.

Free Technical Advice

Unlike many catalogue companies, Debug Store is willing and able to provide expert technical advice. They only offer products to customers if they will add value to their projects. They will recommend products from their competitors' if they provide a better solution to the customer.

Fast Availability of New Products

Their systems are flexible enough to be able to make available new products within days of their release from our suppliers. For example, one of their largest suppliers, MikroE, based in Serbia releases a new product every working day. They will have their new products listed on The Debug Store within a couple of hours, and be ready to process orders. Our close connection with our suppliers often allow us to arrange for custom-configured orders to be made.

Personal Customer Service

Debug Store places customer service at the top of its priority list. If you choose to work with Debug Store, they will return the favour by giving you the best service available. If they do fail to deliver the service expected, please tell them and they will put it right. If you need personal service, please contact John Legg, the company owner by telephone: 01490 430526 or by email: John.Legg@TheDebugStore.com.