Collection: Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Catalogue

A Mixed Signal Oscilloscope, also known as MSO, is a specialized electronic instrument used for capturing, displaying, and analyzing both analog and digital signals simultaneously. It combines the functionalities of a traditional oscilloscope with the ability to observe and interpret digital waveforms.

Unlike a standard oscilloscope that can only capture and analyze analog signals, a Mixed Signal Oscilloscope features additional digital channels, typically in the form of logic analyzer inputs. These digital channels allow the oscilloscope to capture and display the digital waveforms, such as serial buses (SPI, I2C, UART) and other digital signals, alongside the analog signals.

By integrating analog and digital channels, a Mixed Signal Oscilloscope provides a comprehensive view of the signals in a system, enabling engineers and technicians to investigate the interactions and timing relationships between analog and digital components. This capability is particularly valuable in debugging complex electronic circuits, embedded systems, and mixed-signal designs.